1. Best Headlamp 2020? Choose by Price, Utility Guide

    [Page updated: 4 January 2020]

    We created this helpful illustrated Headlamp Review Site to show you the best headlamp in each category from the top headlamp manufacturers around the world by Petzl, Fenix, OLight, Coast, Black Diamond, and Energizer. We review only the top headlamps (head torches), so you won’t find any $19.99 deals here. In our experience, headlamps under this price break quickly and sometimes when you need the light the most!

    We test the 15 best headlamps including Petzl and OLight headlamps. These are the two best headlamp companies. Test results based on beam strength, size, shape, water resistance, and light-balance (color). Petzl is expensive, but certainly the best!

    Go now to read all about the top 15 headlamps on the planet in 2019-2020:

    We Review ONLY TOP-QUALITY Headlamps. If you don’t choose one of these, you will likely be disappointed. See our Best Headlamps 2019 Guide below – let us know if you find it helpful!

    Ask any questions you may have here.

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